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Benzi Box

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I made a new blog today. One with a Purpose! at least more so than this ramble. I won't be posting anymore music here because it will all go to Benzi Box henceforth. I used to have downloads of the day in my aim profile, I suppose this is just a natural progression. Tell your friends, steal some music. Does anyone know where I could get some cheap webspace? yousendit is great and all but If I can have a direct download it would make the site rock that much harder. And judging by my first post there (sigur ros), as it stands Benzi Box could afford to rock a little harder. All in due time.

posted by Dan, 11:52 AM


hey man,

i'm really enjoying the new site--especially since i seem too incompetent for the world of bittorrent, it's a nice life line for me.

Q: any ideas on a good way to send a full iTunes playlist, other than zipping it down to a torrent? just curious.

keep the tunes comin,

commented by Blogger Quimby, 12:59 AM  

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