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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

deh brog! uhr meh gurd, eh fergurt arr ehbert deh brog! I'll try to update more often, but I doubt too many people check this site that much. If you do, leave a comment or something and i'll start feeling some pressure to bring teh funny in a more timely fashion. Here's some shit i found on the internet recently:

CNN calls Rove development bullshit on air
google globetrotting
crates and barrels
statler and waldorf movie reviews
myspleen.net (bittorrent)

Speaking of torrents, if you download music and have a fast connection, I just got a ton of invites for oink's pink palace. It's the best music sharing community i've ever used going all the way back to napster and alt.music.mp3. there's some rules to follow (got to keep a good upload:download ratio), so check it out and if you're interested i'll email an invite.
posted by Dan, 5:04 PM


merr brog acton britch !>!>! hehawhjewklahj @JKl m< majeu39 jbarg grqab brag
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:36 AM  
you are truly an internet scavenger of the first order. keep it up man--and i'd love an invite to that site if you got one.

commented by Blogger Quimby, 9:46 AM  

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